0 - 5,000sqft                      $1048 

5,001 - 10,000sqft               $1416   

10,001 - 15,000sqft            $1888  

15,001 - 20,000sqft             $2464  

20,001 - 25,000sqft             $3352

25,001 - 30,000sqft.         $4240

30,001 - 35,000sqft             $5024

35,001-40,000sqft              $5704

40,001 - 45,000sqft            $6384


*1 acre + request quote for pricing 



0 - 1,800sqft                      $466.25 

1,801 - 3,200sqft               $535.50  

3,201 - 4,600sqft            $642.60  

4,601 - 6,000sqft             $771.80 

6,001 - 7,500sqft             $926.50


*7,501+ request quote for pricing 


Fall Aeration $80 starting

Aeration is a great way to improve the health of your lawn. An aerator makes finger sized holes in your soil to allow air, nutrients and water to reach the root structure for the best possible absorption. Aeration is alway best to do in the fall to allow the best outcome for the spring. 


Overseeding $45 per 1,000sqft

Overseeding works best when paired with aeration. Seed is spread in the fall to thicken up the turf in preparation for the winter. During the winter the soil develops a healthy root system for a healthy, thick, green lawn in the Spring.


Mulch Request quote 

Mulching your garden is a good option to reduce weeds while adding curb appeal. Mulch also has benefits such as protecting plants and soil against temperature change, retaining water and preventing erosion.


Hedging Request quote

Maintaining trimmed bushes and shrubs is a great way to present a well kept lawn. We hedge bushes of all shapes and sizes.

De-Icing Pricing

We offer both Calcium Chloride and Sodium Chloride to accommodate de-icing needs. However, Sodium Chloride is NOT recommended for concrete as it will cause damage.


CALCIUM CHLORIDE is effective to temperatures that drop to -25 degrees Fahrenheit and works up to 13 times faster than other products. Also, its effect on vegetation, corrosive characteristics, and concrete performance compares favorably to competing ice-melting materials including magnesium and potassium chloride. Although Calcium Chloride does damage carpets and tiles it is less harmful than other chemicals.


SODIUM CHLORIDE is the most commonly used de-icing chemical in the US. It is effective between 15 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, it is harmful to both physical structures and materials. It can damage concrete, asphalt, stone and brick and is not recommended to be used on concrete less than a year old.


Price per 1,000sqft.                  Pre Pay discounts

Calcium Chloride $35               1-10 applications 15% discount 11-20 applications 20% discount

Sodium Chloride $15               1-10 applications 10% discount 11-20 applications 20% discount